The Battle of Yorktown

Updated: 1/31/2019
The Battle of Yorktown

Storyboard Text

  • what should we do Cornwallis?
  • Move to Yorktown
  • We must retreat, it is not worth it.
  • Rochambeam, I have changed our plans.
  • Thats right Washington, we are now going to move north of NY.
  • Wait, we will now attack at Yorktown and catch the British off guard.
  • October 19, 1781
  • I agree, it will be much better plan.
  • What do the British plan to do James Armistead?
  • Benedict Arnold and Cornwallis plan to move to yorktown.
  • Rochambeau, the blockade we made has stopped the British from helping their troops!
  • That's right, now Washington and his troops will get the British to surrender
  • We have run out of supplies and many of my soldiers are sick and dying, we surrender.