Kofi Company limited and Kantanka Group of Companies
Updated: 4/8/2021
Kofi Company limited and Kantanka Group of Companies

Storyboard Text

  • Preparing Employees For Change In The Organization
  • Why its important for firm to seek innovational ideas from other young firms
  • Disadvantages for resisting organization change
  •  1. The vision will be frequently communicated 2. Opportunity for training and development 3. A team of change leadership will be delegated to help other employees.4.Rewards and incentive packages for committed and effective staff
  • Apart from the Kofi Power Scrubber to introduced into the market. In the future, Kofi Company ltd is prepared to introduce a new product to Kantanka Group of Companies. This product will be a scientific Toilet Bowl that check the health status of human beings. This product can inform a person about their cholesterol level, sugar level, fat level and many other sicknesses from their urine and stool. This product will be very beneficial to everythone to keep their health on check.
  • It will be of great disadvantage to both companies if our valued employees resist the proposed changes in the organization. Our aim is to improve our business results internally and externally. Resistance to changes will cause a delay in the project and there will be loss of revenue. As the saying goes If a company falls, employees will be dust too. Therefore it’s important for employees commitment help keep the company in life and successful.