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rock cycle
Updated: 2/5/2020
rock cycle
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  • metamorphic rocks
  • magma
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  • today I will be talking about the rock cycle
  • sedimentary rocks
  • igneous rocks
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  • The rock cycle begins with magma or hot melted rock deep beneath the earths surface. When it reaches the earths surface it cools. As it cools, its atoms form crystals which are seen as igneous rocks.
  • igneous rocks turn into sediment which is loose pieces of rocks, minerals, and living things. Then weathering and erosion break apart the rock. Under large amounts of pressure the sediment compacts and cements into sedimentary rock
  • Wow it is hot.
  • Heat and pressure from the earth can squeeze and deform sedimentary rocks into metamorphic rocks.
  • Rocks then can be melted by the hot temperatures deep inside the earth to form magma. Then the rock cycle starts all over again.
  • But in one way or another rocks keep changing from one form to the other.
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