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Digestion storyboard
Updated: 11/15/2020
Digestion storyboard
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  • Hi! My name is Mrs. Burrito and I will be brining you along on my journey through the digestive system! First, as you see I am now entering the mouth where the saliva glands start producing saliva to help mix me into a soft clump of food called bolus.
  • As the bolus travels down the long tube called the esophagus, the muscular walls inside the esophagus squeezes my burrito self into the stomach which is our second destination.
  • Once I am inside the stomach, hormones tell the stomach to release acid and it breaks down the bolus into a liquid called chyme. Hormones also alert the liver, pancreas and galbladder to start.
  • From the stomach I now enter the small intestine. The liver will send some bile to the gallbladder which will hold it until I arrive. Then villi will absorb my molecules and the fiber, water and dead cells left over and I enter the large intestine.
  • As I go through the large intestine, I also pass through the colon. The colon drains out most of the fluids and through the intestinal walls. This then leaves a soft lump of mass called stool.
  • The large intestine then allows the stool that the colon has created and I am left to leave the body through the anus. This process usually takes up to 30-40 minutes.
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