The censor
Updated: 5/28/2021
The censor

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  • "Without thinking twice, Juan sat down and wrote her a letter" (Paragraph 1)
  • I can't wait for Marianna to get this letter
  • Dear Marianna
  • "Juan applies to be a censor and to try and get the letter back"(Paragraph 4)
  • Hopefully i can get the censor job
  • "one of them tried to organize a strike to demand higher wages for unhealthy work, but Juan didn't join in, after thinking itover, he reported him to his superiors" (Paragraph 7)
  • I want to start a strike
  • I NO that's a bad idea and i don't support it.
  • (Summary) After receiving Marianna's ne address Juan decides to write her a letter(Importance)The entire story is based on Juan writing Marianna the letter. Without this part the story would be different.(Juan's character/development)Juan is a normal everyday ordinary, and he seems happy to have Marianna's address.
  • "Juan got promoted which means he can have a better shot at finding the letter."(Paragraph 8)
  • Hopefully he promotes me
  • I should promote him for all the work he's been doing
  • ((Summary) Juan decides to get a Job as a censors to try to get his letter that he wrote to Marianna because hs thinks they can both get in trouble with the government.(Importance)The importance of this part is that if Juan did not get the Job the story would of been different because many things would of not happened like for example Juan gets promoted and other things.(Juan's character/development) Juan at this point is feeling afraid because if he doesn't get the job he would be in trouble with the government for the letter he sent to Marianna
  • "Juan then finally finds the letter he wrote to Marianna"(Paragraph 12)
  • I finally found the letter
  • (Summary) Juan decides to not join the proteste and instead he decides to snitch on the co-worker and that makes the government trust Juan and think he's one of them. And Juan is becoming more selfish and self seeking because he wants himself to be promoted at the cause of the other workers getting in trouble.(Importance) The Importance of Juan snitching is that the government is going to trust him more and they may even promote him.(Juan's character/development) Juan is feeling like he betrayed his friend and he's feeling sad for that reason.
  • juan gets executed "naturally, he couldn't stopthem from executing him the following morning"(Paragraph 12)
  • Ok thanks for having me.
  • You're executed from the job.
  • (Summary) Juan goes to the report a co-worker for starting a protest and then he gets promoted because the government people think he's evil like them.(Importance) The Importance of Juan's promotion is that if he never got promoted he would of most likely would of have a less chance at finding the letter and he would of most likely never won the governments trust. (Juan's character/development) Juan is feeling like a traitor because he told on his coworker but he also is happy because that gives him a better chance at finding his letter.
  • (Summary) Juan finally find the letter he wrote to marianna so now he just sends it to her without other people seeing it and he can now be relaxed.(Importance) This is important because if Juan wouldn't of found the letter the story would of been and ended differently and he probably would of kept on working with the government or would of gotten introuble with the government if they found the letter and he didn't.(Juan's character/development) Juan is now relaxed because he found the letter and he's happy that Marianna could now actually get the letter without any problems.
  • Dear Marianna
  • (Sunnary) After Juan gets his letter back he is fired the next day without even getting an explanation but he leaves happy because he got the letter and sent it to Marianna knowing that nothing will happen. (Importance) It was important that Juan got executed from his job because if he didn't he was on the path of becoming mean and evil just like the government.(Juan's characteristics/development) Juan"s characteristics were he felt good that he got the letter back and really didn't care that he got fired.