Updated: 2/8/2020
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  • You there, defected British soldier. We have caught you, and as such, you must come back to the British Navy!
  • What do you mean? I've never even been to Britain before
  • Nonsense! This fighting with the French has scared you and you ran.
  • Did those British learn nothing from the revolution?
  • This enslavement of our men cannot go on without reaction!
  • I demand WAR!
  • SSUSH6American ships were being captured by the British. This is one of the things that lead to the War of 1812
  • Finally, now we can focus once more on the rebels
  • We surrender! Just leave us alone!
  • This is essentially the same as before, but a bit further on. The Redcoat continues to "reenlist" the merchant.
  • Get back here and fight! You are the ones who poked us!
  • We're outnumbered! There is no way to win! Why did Madison declare war?
  • And thus, James Madison looking on from America was disgusted, and he declared war on the British.
  • Well that was useless. Contact the monarch.
  • But what do I ask them Mr. President?
  • The French have surrendered (go figure), leading the British to focus their attention on the little guy.
  • And so the Americans and the British fought. But the British being the British were winning.
  • And the war came to an... unsatisfactory end.
  • Just ask for a truce for this War of 1812.
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