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The Acts of 1765-1767
Updated: 9/17/2018
The Acts of 1765-1767
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  • They're taking all my space!!
  • Quartering Act
  • I got bottom bunk!
  • I got top bunk!
  • Writs Of Assistants
  • We have the right to check your home, we believe your husband has been smuggling.
  • What's going on!!
  • Oh yea the Sugar Act. I just can't believe this we are now getting charged for sugar!
  • Sugar Act
  • Still charging us for that horrible war against the French and Indians.
  • Did you guys hear about the King's new taxes? 
  • That up there is a stamp that will tax many things you buy, the British need money to pay for debt.
  • When the British Parliament enacted the Quartering Act, which required the colonists to provide housing, bedding and sustenance to British soldiers stationed in America, it was bound to cause trouble.
  • Stamp Act
  • The writs of assistance allowed officers to search private homes to look for smuggled goods. Most colonists were mad at this law because they had no privacy.
  • Declaratory Act
  • PAY UP!!!
  • The Sugar Act caused many problems in the American colonies, mainly because of economic problems. The Sugar Act put a three cent tax on foreign refined sugar.
  • Townshed Act
  • WHAT!
  • You now have to pay taxes on all imported goods.
  • The Stamp Act required the colonists to pay taxes on a variety of goods including newspapers, legal documents, diplomas and playing cards. To prove that the tax had been paid, colonial merchants were required to use special paper
  • Hey! That's not fair
  • The colonist had to obey what ever law/Act The British government passed. The colonist were not pleased with this because they had no say.
  • What if I don't want to?!?
  • The Townshend Act forced all colonist to pay taxes on all imported goods coming into the colonies. This act also had the Colonist upset.
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