Jackson's presidency
Updated: 1/12/2021
Jackson's presidency

Storyboard Text

  • Yay! Jackson will represent the lower class people and not just the rich! Out with the old in with the new!
  • I am now the president...
  • Jackson is unfit for office, he is uneducated, crude, and ill-tempered!
  • Jacksonian democracy has a nice ring to it..
  • Secretary of...
  • My idea of democracy is when the common people control the government.
  • Attorney general
  • I am president so before you are Attorney general, Secretary of transportation. All of these people were my supporters and deserve these positions!...
  • President
  • Secretary of transportation
  • Secretary of Defense
  • If you defy the government of the US, the military will collect your tariffs and I will hang the first man I see.
  • Imposing a tariff on imported goods will supposedly help to support American business
  • vs.
  • We will secede if the government tries to enforce these unfair tariffs
  • I'm going to veto that recharter bill it won't really do much to my supporters! I must starve the bank of federal deposits!
  • The national bank has got to go! it only benefits the rich! It doesn't help capitalists in the west and other regions!
  • We must remove the remaining indians by force to gain more land for the Us to expand. We shall write treaties to take their land and force them farther west.
  • What about food, clothes., how will we survive on this journey west.
  • You are being removed ! Move! No packing or you will be shot!