The bridge
Updated: 5/19/2020
The bridge
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  • A small family consisting of Eddie, his wife Beatrice and their niece Catherine were waiting for the arrival of Beatrice's cousins- Marco and Rodolpho. They arrive from italy late at night
  • Eddie is very pleased to meet the cousins, despite his wife being nervous because they where illegal immigrants. But Eddie's attitude changes when he realises catherine likes Rodolpho
  • NO!
  • Eddie tries to split up Catherine and Rodolpho as their feelings for each other strengthen. He tells Catherine that Rodolpho was only looking for a green card and that he does not love her
  • He doesn't love you he only wants a green card
  • Catherine is unsure of what to think so confronts Rodolpho, he is hurt and denies it. They realise they cannot date each other with Eddie around so they decide they need to get married.
  • Let's get married :)
  • *denial*
  • Eddie gets drunk and when he returns home and sees Catherine with Rodolpho, he throws out Rodolpho and Marco.They live upstairs with a woman who rents flats. Outraged Eddie reports the cousins as illegal immigrants.
  • The immigration officer arrives and arrests both Marco and rodolpho, but before they leave they make sure evyone knew who had reported them. In jail they realise that Marco had no chance of staying in America but Rodolpho did, if he was to marry Catherine
  • I had no chance
  • I need to marry Catherine
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