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Updated: 10/14/2020
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  • The story today is about a boy named Sharul who woke up from his morning sleep like always but today it will be different for him that will change his life. Let's see what is going to happen today.
  • Wow, i woke up early today. Now i should go shower first then should go see my zack to ask him about accounting homework.
  • Few hours later
  • Hi Zack, i heard you're going somewhere today. Where are you going? I came to ask you about the homework.
  • I'm going to the bank actually. I want to put money in the bank which i saved since i was small.
  • It's true that i can use it now but if i save now, i can get even more money in future when i need it the most. You won't know when you will be in need of emergence money. That's why i decided to save in the bank because you will also get interest. You can follow me to the bank if you want.
  • Why you want to put it in bank? You can just use it for your own right?
  • Hey miss dhillion, i came to talk about the investment and this is my friend Sharul
  • Hey zack, this is miss kalamoira. you can call her moira. she's a more experienced banker than me and she will explain more briefly about the investment process and the benefits u will get.
  • Who are they?
  • Hey Zack and Sharul, nice to meet u both and let me explain to u guys.
  • Students’ savings account is free from maintaining a minimum balance. They are usually zero balance accounts. A zero balance in the account or less than the minimum balance does not call for penalties.
  • I’m the bank manager. I’m in charge of coordinating and directing the operational functions of financial institutions. Savings is really important as it helps finance further education.
  • Not only that, but with regular contributions, the parents too can save for the future educational expenses of the child.
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