social studies
Updated: 1/12/2021
social studies

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  • Chief Executive
  • i would like to declare an executive order that all muslims will not leave the house unless they have some sort of identification so people may know that they're muslim.
  • Commander in chief
  • right away sir.
  • *Trump on the phone*: Send bombs and missiles to the defenseless muslim countries for no particular reason and then have a memorial for all the poor soldiers who died in the process.
  • Head of State
  • Everyone should listen to what i say because i am the head of state and thats the highest ranking position!
  • Chief diplomat
  • yes sir....
  • Since im the chief diplomat, i can negotiate treaties with other countries AND i can appoint ambassador. ah I love my job and im so amazing at it too.
  • why am i always getting ranted to....
  • Legislative and Economic leader
  • As the legislative and economic leader,I will suggest or request any laws I believe are needed. I will also work to help the economy and the federal government with costs. i will meet with others to discuss and set a government budget.
  • Party leader
  • I will serve as a majority leader and will be a spokesperson for my party. i will also schedule the daily legislative programs.
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