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The Farmer and The Well
Updated: 1/12/2020
The Farmer and The Well
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Storyboard Text

  • Farmer's Farm
  • Neighbor's Farm
  • The Well
  • I sold the well without water
  • Once upon a time, there was a farmer looking for a source of water for his farm to water his plants, fruits and vegetables. Also, to support his farm animals with water.
  • At The Mayor's House
  • His neighbour who was another farmer had a well of water and wanted to sell it . The first farmer came and bought the well from him.
  • The Meeting
  • You have to take your water from the well!
  • The water is for me!!
  • On the next day, the first farmer wanted to use the water from his well. The neighbour was greedy, and refused to let the farmer take the water from the well.On asking why, he replied,"I sold the well to you without water, and walked away.
  • Sharing The Water
  • We can share water together
  • The poor fellow farmer did not know what to do. So he went to the mayor, a clever and wise man of the country, for a solution. The mayor called the farmer and his neighbour to come to his house and solve the problem.
  • Mayor's House
  • They met together in the mayor's house and asked the man why he was not letting the farmer to draw water from the well. The man replied the same: "I sold the well, not the water in it. So he cannot take my water."To this, the mayor replied:"All that sounds fine to me. But if you have sold the well and the water is yours, then you have to no business keeping your water in his well."
  • He added:"Remove the water, use it, or drink it all up immediately. If not the water will belong to the owner of the well." The neighbour realised that cheating others will not get you anything. He apologised and the farmer permitted him to share the water of the well.
  • I am sorry
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