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1st period
Updated: 11/20/2019
1st period
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  • Grasslands By Mary White
  • A-Biotic Factors
  • Biotic Factors
  • Totally A bison
  • Grasslands located in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Australia
  • Predator and Prey
  • In those grasslands it is 68° to 86°F, the precipitation is 9in to 30in yearly , has a wet and dry season, but not enough rain for trees to grow out in the open.
  • Symbiotic Realationship
  • eats
  • Some common plants in this biome are short grass, and trees near water.Some common plants here are elephants, zebras, bison, anteaters, kangaroo, lions, tigers, and rabbits.
  • Competition
  • Not again...
  • Tries to hide
  • The bison would go after zebras for food, unfortunatly zebras stick out in the grassland so the bison can find them easily.
  • Found you
  • *Lives*
  • A symbiotic realationship in the grassland is rhino and a oxpeckers, the oxpeckers eat the ticks off of the rhino so the rhino doesn't get a disease and the oxpeckers get something to eat, this is an example of mutualism.
  • Turns out lions and tigers live here too, it looks like there will be a lot of competition. The lion is hungry, the tiger is hungry, the zebra is chilling and eating grass and here comes the predators. They look to be fighting with eachother over the zebra! the lion sees the zebra and goes after it and the tiger does he too.
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