Updated: 1/30/2020
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  • Call To Action: Building Ecosystem Resilience in A Changing Climate
  • Outcome:An improvement in the use of ecological fire regimens to conserve biodiversity and protect the public
  • Outcome:Incorporate biodiversity conservation into land and fire management planning.
  • Sub-priority: Maintaining and Re-establishing ecosystem functions
  • Name: MaryClass Period: 1
  • I would ban the extensive use of paper, coal and wood.I would ban the overuse of them because people use them too much and it is effected the climate.
  • If I ban them the changing climate would be easier to handle and if you can handle it easier the ecosystems around it can thrive easier too.
  • It maintains and restores biodiversity by cutting down on the things we use the most from that ecosystem (pun intended) so that the rest of the ecosystem can grow and thrive.
  • I'm just banning extensive use things that can damage the ecosystem around it.
  • It benifits humans and the biodiversity in the ecosystem by cutting down on the resources we use alot of and don't do anything to help it thrive once again, it is helping humans by burning less fossil fuels because we cause climate change from the amount we are burning.
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