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English Civil War and Revolution
Updated: 11/17/2017
English Civil War and Revolution
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  • My power came from God. I do not have to listen to you, Parliament.
  • Listen to Me!
  • I ... will not... di...
  • Yay, Monarchy is back!
  • James I believed in Divine Rights and had tension with Parliament because he thought that he did not have to listen to Parliament.
  • Sneaky sneaky sneaky sneaky
  • English Civil War began in 1642 between the Roundheads who were supporters of Parliament and the Cavaliers who were supporters of the King. In the end, the Roundheads won.
  • We accept the throne.
  • Cromwell began military dictatorship after the English Civil War and ruled until his death in 1658 and Monarchy was restored after his death. Cromwell was decapitated after his death.
  • May we establish peace!
  • English Bill of Rights
  • The Revolution began and James II fled to France because he realized that he did not have enough support from his own soldiers to be able to win.
  • William of Orange and his wife Mary who was the daughter of James II accepted the throne in 1689, which caused the end of the revolution.
  • Queen Mary and King William passed the English Bill of Rights. Many of those rights made it so that the Queen or King could not make certain decisions without the agreement of Parliament, which made Parliament happy.
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