A Dog's Purpose SSR Project
Updated: 1/11/2020
A Dog's Purpose SSR Project
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  • Toby's First Life
  • Leave us alone, and no were not giving you anything.
  • Back off puppies, don't get in my way and give all your treats now!!!
  • I'm Top dog and I'm the leader of this yard . Spike your new stop trying to be better than me.
  • Wait didn't I die, what's my purpose in life?
  • Toby's Second Life(Bailey)
  • You poor thing, how could that guy do such thing to you. I'm taking you home with me. Your going to meet Ethan, his dad and Smokey the cat.
  • Bark, Bark,Bark( Todd did it! He set the house on fire, I even bit his leg. Ethan, are you ok?)
  • Toby's second life ends(Bailey)
  • Who would do such a thing? Ethan? Ethan are you ok?
  • He will be fine, he just jumped out the window and hurt his leg.
  • The main character Toby was born with his siblings in a forest. But soon they're taken into a yard where he learns what its like to live in a yard with other dogs. His mother soon escapes and leaves them behind. Then Toby and his brother got in a fight with Spike where Toby's leg is permanently snapped. People from a shelter take him away and kill him. This is Toby's first life.
  • Toby's Third life (Ellie)
  • Hello Ellie, I'm Maya your new owner.Good Do. Jakob sadly got injured when he was trying to stop a criminal. So, now your staying with me. Do you want to play?
  • He is then reborn as Bailey. He was born into a back yard and soon escapes into the woods. A man finds him and leaves him in a car, which almost killed him. A lady saves him and takes him home. He now began to wonder what his purpose was.
  • Toby's Fourth life(Bear)
  • I'll just leave you here. Now no one will get in trouble anymore.
  • Bailey adjusts to his new family and loves it. He meets Ethan and they have a special bond together. Ethan has an enemy named Todd he used to be his bestfriend but Todd changed and wanted to seek revenge. so he set the house on fire. Ethan was gone for a while for treatment and the family move into an apartment. But Bailey dies after Ethan comes back due to an old age. He also realized that his purpose was to take care of his owner.
  • Toby's Purpose
  • Hello Hannah, its been so long since we've met. I'm sorry about the past. This is Buddy my new dog.
  • He once again gets reborn into a female named Ellie. She thought she had fulfilled her purpose with Bailey but she she didn't and she is now confused. She oes through this life looking for Ethan but also working as a K9 unit with Jakob. When Jakob gets injured while chasing a criminal, Ellie is handed down to Maya and spends the rest of her life with her. He gets reborn as a male named Buddy.
  • I miss Ethan very much, why am I still here, what is my purpose. I already did what I can to be with my boy. And now I loose Jakob.
  • He had thought saving and finding people had been his purpose. He gets adopted by Derek and is given to his girlfriend Wendi, as a gift. They named him Bear. They never cared for him, they always had him tied up outside forgetting to feed him and give him water . Wendi and Derek get in trouble by the authorities and are given warning. So Wendi's mom's Boyfriend took the dog far away and abandoned him in the streets.
  • I'm very hungry, I need water, I'm weak. I need Ethan
  • Hello, Ethan, I missed you a lot, and I'm sorry. Good dog Buddy.
  • Buddy the dog soon realizes where he is. He smells Hannah's scent and Jasper's scent. He races down the driveway and finds the farm. He runs into an older version of Ethan and he brings him home. Buddy runs to the park and finds Hannah again and when Ethan came to get him. Ethan and Hannah reunited and soon got married. Toby has fulfilled his purpose.
  • I have fulfilled my purpose. I'm very happy that I found Hannah and Ethan.
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