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Animal Habitats Unit
Updated: 3/8/2020
Animal Habitats Unit
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  • Students will sort various toy animals by one given characteristic (where they live) and one or more characteristics of their choosing.
  • Lesson 1: Sorting by Animal Characteristics
  • I will be using videos from Wild Kratts creaturepedia for students to observe likes and differences of animals
  • How are animals the same and how are they different?
  • Students will practice decomposing 5 and 10 through a themed game. One partner will hide a certain number of bears in the "cave" and the other student will mentally decompose 5 (or 10) to determine how many bears are under the bowl.
  • Lesson 2: Bears in a Cave Math Game
  • I will be using a powerpoint with images of bears "in" and "out" of cave whole group for students to practice decomposing 5 and 10
  • How can using manipulatives help with decomposing numbers?
  • Lesson 3: Animal Survival Kits
  • What do animals need to survive?
  • Students will work in groups to determine what a given animal needs to survive, and what it does not need by creating an "animal survival kit." Students will be given a picture of an animals and pictures of various items that the animal needs and does not need to survive. The tool kit will contain pictures of items the animal needs to survive.
  • To introduce this lesson, I will be using a powerpoint with 2 images on each slides: an animal and an item it needs or doesn't need to survive
  • Lesson 4: SwitchZoo Animal Habitat Simulation
  • What things make an habitat suitable for an animal?
  • I will be using SwitchZoo for this lesson. SwitchZoo enables the user to manipulate elements of the habitat to make it suitable for the animal. I will be using this simulation whole group on the smart board so the class can work together to determine what the animal needs in their habitat.
  • Lesson 5: Building Animal Habitats
  • In this lesson, students will use open ended materials to create a habitat for an animal they've chosen.
  • How are animal characteristics and their habitats interrelated?
  • Lesson 6: What happens when animals can't live in an appropriate habitat?
  • In this lesson, students will listen to two stories: Stellaluna and A Tale of Two Beasts. In both stories, the problem is that the animals are taken out of their habitats. Students will listen to both stories and discuss the answer to the guiding question.
  • Can animals survive when they don't have things they need or a suitable habitat?
  • I will use Youtube to show students videos of various animals in their habitats so they can make observations about different elements of a habitat and how animals interact with their habitat.
  • Both stories will be played on Storyline Online.
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