Updated: 1/30/2021

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  • Psyche was the most beautiful girl ever. Her two sisters were married to kings.even though she was so pretty she could not find a husband .
  • All of the men would look at her in awe. Psyche was sad. No man wanted to marry her, they just wanted to look at her.
  • Everyone stopped worshiping Aphrodite because Psyche was so much more beautiful
  • she is beautiful but not for a wife
  • so pretty
  • EROS! SHe is to pretty. Make her fall in love with an ugly animal. NOW!
  • I will mother.
  • This made Aphrodite very angry. She sent her son to "fix it"
  • Instead of fixing it Eros felt so in love with the sight of her.
  • she is to beautiful. I want her to myself. My mother can't no, not yet.
  • Psyche's parents prayed. The gods told them to leave her on a mountain in a black dress where a winged snake would take her as his wife
  • why would the gods want me to bring her to a mountain to die?
  • goodbye we all love you
  • They were so scared that she would be gone forever.