Total Wellness Project (Fitness 2)
Updated: 7/2/2020
Total Wellness Project (Fitness 2)
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  • Social Wellness:
  • Being Mentally/Emotionally Well is the way you behave, envision thoughts, and feel. How effectively do you manage stressful times? Do you reflect on your stress? Do you make positive choices for yourself? Questions like those are what can enhance your mental/emotional wellness. You can visualize major improvement about your thoughts, more self control, and a better understanding of yourself!
  • Mental/Emotional Wellness:
  • Being Physically Well is self care, personal hygiene, and physically activity (working out). How often do you work out? How often have you had a treat-yourself day? Keep those questions in mind when you want to be physically well. Not only would you see a development, you will also have a boost of self esteem and confidence!
  • Being Socially Well is being aware of social settings or events. How skillfully do you interact with peers, family, or friends? Improving the method of how you can engage with a person is beneficial to your social wellness.
  • Physical Wellness:
  • TOTAL WELLNESS:To become overall healthy and successful, Total Wellness is significant to have.
  • Total Wellness!
  • Including:Relationships, Defense Mechanisms...
  • Social Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Mental/Emotional Wellness!
  • With Stress Eating and Stress Management!
  • Friends:
  • Growing up, connections with parents/guardians can differ between disputes. The parents/guardians should always be there for you and provide reliability for you. Of course, arguments can occur but having an honest discussion about the dispute is very beneficial to one another. Communication helps significantly for better understanding of different perspectives.
  • Relationships with friends or new people can affect a person's social wellness. In a "true" friendship, both you and this person understand disagreements and are there for each other. Are they positive and supportive towards you? Do you both understand each other? All friendships have boundaries and understandings supporting one another.
  • Relationships with Friends and Family:
  • Family:
  • Repression: Pushing feelings out of mind and forgetting an event on purpose. (For example, an adult can have a certain behavior because of trauma in early childhood)
  • Creating a Fantasy to Escape: Blocking out a problem by reading books or fantasizing. (For example, a child getting a lecture storms to their room to "let go")
  • Denial: Turning down any behavior or that has occurred. (For example, someone who just got broken up with doesn't believe it's over)
  • Displacement: Projecting feelings to someone that has no participation to the feelings of this person. (For example, an angry older sibling yells at the younger sibling for no reason just because of held anger)
  • Sublimation: Turning unwanted behavior into approved behavior. (For example, someone with major anger issues decides to go to Karate classes)
  • Defense Mechanisms:
  • Under eating while stressed or having a reduced desire to eat is common for teens going through a stressful event. However the longer the person doesn't eat, causes major effects to their health. Weight loss, vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, and lethargy can be the result of under eating.
  • To avoid stress-eating, eating when you are hungry or even having the right support can help. Having notes or key points for yourself during your stressful time can cope with the stress.
  • Overeating while stressed can cause weight gain, higher blood pressure, and diminish how the person's brain functions.
  • Stress can cause many affects to a person's diet. One that is stressed can overeat and under eat, bringing serious health issues.
  • Stress Eating:
  • Stress forms at any age or event in a person's life. Getting to reflect and understand the stress can prolong Total Wellness. Staying positive, writing down any feelings, talking to a trusted person, or taking action can shorten the stress! If any stressful event occurs, do not let the stress control you. You have the power to control the stress!
  • Stress Management
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