Updated: 4/1/2021

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  • Same, I can't understand it too
  • Hey! Rose!
  • Have you already finished our school works?
  • Oh, why?
  • Yeah, some of them. I can't answer the basic calculus.
  • My mind isn't functioning well because the school works on every subject.
  • Yeah, I feel you!
  • Yeah, I thought haha! How about in college?!
  • Being Stem students is hard.
  • Oh, you thought it isn't? hahaha Stem was really hard
  • Yeah, I can't imagine how hard it will be.
  • Mary and Rose are both stem students. Rose has been already decided on what she will pursue which is Doctor. While Mary is still doubting what to take it's either Architect or Engineering.
  • You know what? Forget it!
  • Yeah! Maybe, we only said those words out of stress But I think all of the strands were hard. We just have to be hardworking for our future
  • I'll just think that someday I will be not holding school works instead I'll be holding prints and designs of houses that I made.
  • They have been best friends since junior high school and get used to roaming around the corridor during break time. They used to chit-chat about school stuff.
  • Lately, Mary has been struggling in the subject activities. Same as Rose, considering the stem it is full of topics about science, experimental, mathematics, problem-solving, and many more.
  • Hurry up we might be late! Dr. Salvador
  • Yup Coming!
  • You're that one that is talkative though, Arch. or Engr. Rosales?!
  • Although they having a breakdown and sometimes don't have the strength to do their activities. Especially Mary who has been frustrated in her dream.
  • Yup! you're right!
  • Still, they are motivated to reach their dreams. Mary always smiles whenever She thinks about her dreams. Thinking that those scenes in their head will be in reality.
  • Yeah, that's the spirit!
  • Let's go make our school works, those calculus and science stuff is basic! We will finish it and achieve our dreams.
  • Mary and Rose realize that everyone can learn and make their future. We can take things slow but with progress and always go with the right flow.
  • Still not sure! But I'm sure You'll call me with one of those! haha