Updated: 11/5/2018
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  • I would love to go but I have to work in the bank during my lunch
  • And I forgot my wallet at home
  • Hey you want to go somewhere for lunch today? Like KFC?
  • Just ask your other friend to borrow some money maybe she has some and if you find someone to borrow money form just text me and we could go after school
  • I only got $10 with me 
  • Hey Mandy I was just wondering if I could borrow some money from you I will pay you back next week
  • I'm sorry I can't really help because I don't have money 
  • Ow okay well that's fine
  • What ever now it all good I guess I'm kinda hungry but I'm going home soon anyways
  • She's a good friend I don't think she would lie to you
  • I ask Mandy if I could borrow some money from her and she said that she didn't have money ... she came yesterday to the bank and she had $135 on her account she couln't of used that all in one day
  • If she lied to me I'm going to take a picture of her account and tell her other friends what a liar she is 
  • Did Mandy really lie to me we're good friends I don't think she would lie to me like that 
  • But I can always check if she was lying to me or not ... I can see how much moneys she has on her account
  • I knew it she still has $135 on her account and she told me she didn't have anything I'm taking a picture of this and showing it to all my friends
  • Ha ha ha she's doesn't have money
  • I can't believe she just lied like that... but now we could show this picture to anyone
  • Hey send me that picture I want to show it to some of my buddies they should see how broke she is
  • See I knew she was a liar ... I'm not friends with her anymore we're so done
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