The Veldt
Updated: 1/24/2020
The Veldt
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  • The Veldt
  • Hi, I'm George Hadley and I'm a father to Wendy and Peter Hadley, and Husband to my wife, Lydia. We live in a smart house that takes care of all of our personal needs, almost any you could think of. It even has a nursery which projects children's thoughts onto the walls
  • Nothing's Too Good For Our Kids!
  • Nothing's too good for our kids!
  • Should we really put in this nursery?
  • Africa
  • Why is the nursery this hot Africa that seems filled with hate?
  • Shut this nursery down
  • I Wish You Were Dead!
  • The nursery is being shutdown!
  • George wants to put in this nursery to enrich his kids because he thinks "Nothing's too good for them!" showing he really cares for his kids.
  • The Screams
  • George and Lydia walked into the nursery to find a hot, humid Africa filled with Lions and screams. They Brought in psychologist David McClean who told them to shut down the nursery and house immediatly.
  • The Consequences of Addiction
  • It's important to remember kids, don't get too addicted to something. Peter and Wendy got so addicted to the nursery that it caused them to kill their parents. don't get so addicted to something that it affects a relationship that you care about.
  • When George announces the nursery is being shut down he is met with resistance from Peter and Wendy who were shouting insults like "I wish you were dead" and were pleading for one last play, which George agreed to.
  • I wish you were dead!
  • Once George turned on the nursery Peter and Wendy yelled "Mom, Dad come quick!" George and Lydia ran into the nursery and the door slammed behind them. as they were yelling at Peter to let them out they heard a growl from behind them. The Lions. "Suddenly they realized why those screams sounded so familiar."
  • Peter! Wendy! let us out!
  • Mom, Dad come quick!
  • *Slam*
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