The Crucible Act 2 - Mason Brakemeier
Updated: 11/30/2020
The Crucible Act 2 - Mason Brakemeier

Storyboard Text

  • Abigail seems very fond of Mr. Proctor. She is plotting a way to get rid of his wife, Elizabeth, so she can have him to herself.
  • I am SO jealous of Elizabeth! I should be the one holding Mr. Proctor's hand out there!
  • Abigail tells the court that Elizabeth is a witch. Mary tries to defend her.
  • What can I do to win his heart...? That's it! I can accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft and get her hung!
  • Elizabeth Proctor is a witch!!!
  • What?! No she isn't!
  • Abigail sees that Mary is making a poppet of Mrs. Proctor. She comes up with an idea...
  • That poppet is proof that your wife is a witch!
  • Why is Mary making that poppet of Elizabeth Proctor?
  • Abigail pokes a needle into the poppet doll to frame Elizabeth of committing witchcraft. She gives it back to Mary for her to bring home.
  • Hehehe...
  • (In the Proctor household)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Proctor see the poppet on the table and ask who made it. Mary doesn't know that it was being used as evidence against Mrs. Proctor.
  • Oh my, what a lovely poppet! Who made this?
  • I made that for you, Goody Proctor!
  • Cheever says that the needle in the poppet is proof of witchcraft done by Elizabeth. She is then taken to be put on trial. The end.
  • Of course! This is all Abigail's fault!
  • A-Abigail must've done something to it!