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Updated: 9/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • 12 years later
  • i was just trying to skate mrs.jone
  • if you dont stop skipping school and skating on the rails im gonna have to suspend you
  • bro im so mad at mrs.jone she keeps telling me i cant skate at school
  • bro maybe she is right stop spending all your money on boards and save it up
  • i took your advice and got my first car what you think
  • 1 month later
  • hey bro what are you doing
  • he stop spending so much on skating and got a car and good grades
  • hey jack what are you doing bro.oh fr me to i just got out of collag
  • well bro you know after spending 9 years in collage i can now become a doctor.... you went to collage mason?
  • dang just imagine that 14-16 years ago i was failing and just skating not caring now I'm a doctor with a house and a lovely wife
  • I'm happy for you
  • dad can we go to longhorns and eat dinner there
  • idk son we have to save money we are saving for a boat.ye hunny no we can go to the store and save 50 bucks