Updated: 5/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Māuis brothers not letting Māuifish with them  "Māui's older brother always refused to let him come fishing with them" (According to the Māori)
  • I want to go fishing.
  • NO!!!
  • I will make magical fishing hook and strong line.
  • Māui weaves and makes his magic fish hook "One night, he wove for himself a flax fishing line and enchanted it with a karakia to give it strength, to this he attached the magic fish-hook made from the jawbone that his grandmother Murirangawhenua had given him." (According to the Māori)
  • I hid in the hull.
  • How did you get on our canoe?
  • Māui sneaks on to his brothers canoe "Then he stowed away in the hull of his brothers' wake (canoe).The next morning, when the waka was too far from land to return, he emerged from his hiding place" (According to the Māori)
  • I had to use my own blood so that might be why or my magical hook.
  • Māui catches a big fish with his blood as bait  "His brothers would not lend him any bait, so he struck himself on the nose and baited the hook with his blood." (According to the Māori)
  • Maui’s brothers jealous so they cut up the fish and eat it but Maui saw this and through the fish into the ocean "...his brothers chopped up the fish" (According to the Māori)in another version of this story the fish were thrown into the ocean by Māui as seen by what is happening in this cell."I'm hungry, so I'm going to to take a little piece of the fish... they had hack the fish into a bunch of pieces that scattered across the beach. When Maui returned and saw what they had done, he shock his fist angrily at them and threw the colossal pieces of fish into the ocean, where they floated to the surface." (According to the Maui, the Lost Son)
  • I hope you guys are happy... wait its turning into land.
  • Oh my
  • After Māui threw the fish chunks into the ocean they turn into the North Island of New Zealand "He pulled up a giant fish which would become the North islands of New Zealand, as Te lka-a-Māui; the valleys and mountains of the islands were made by his brothers chopping up the fish for themselves." (According to the Māori)
  • That was the creation of the Northern Islands of New Zealand  
  • Maui’s brothers cut up his fish into chunks because they thought it tasted good but Māui tin rage through the fish out into the ocean.