The lonely rock
Updated: 2/23/2021
The lonely rock

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  • A Lonely Rock's JourneyBy Massimo Sgandurra
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  • My first journey ever was on these mountains. I became a metamorphic rock. My friends and I were formed when heat and pressure created us rocks.
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  • Woah! I slept in job and ended up in soil without my friends. Erosion and wind transported me to the middle of nowhere, as i see non of my friends in sight.
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  • As the travels went on, I got treated like an object. kicked and thrown by the humans like i was nothing. The heat from the sun made me a little dizzy and I was about to break down from being treated like this
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  • Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, some human decided im a soccer ball, kicked me into the earth's interior. The heat from the earth's interior made my surface pop with sparkly spots.
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  • Now I was wishing I was coal since I heard that coal convert to a diamonds when it is under pressure and melting. Can my existence get any worse?