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Updated: 4/17/2020
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  • SCENE 1:
  • Alaykum salam Zahra!Thankyou for coming!The celebration is for the birthday of our 2nd Imam Hassan (a.s) the grandson og our holy prophet (saww)
  • Let us sit in my room and I will tell you more about him!
  • Salam Aamina!Thankyou for inviting me to your place!But what is all this celebration for and why are you all dressed up?
  • SCENE 2:
  • He was born on this day 15th Ramadhan and was the son of our 1st Imam Ali (a.s) & bibi Fatema (a.s)His title is AL-Mujtaba which mean the selected one
  • Ahan so tell me more!
  • SCENE 3:
  • Let us go and I will continue telling you tomorrow at recess in school
  • Alaykum Salam,Ok aunty coming right away!
  • Salam Zahra!Come let's go cut the cake and food is ready too
  • It is a Saturday afternoon and the wiladat of our 2nd Imam Hassan (a.s). Aamina has invited her closest friend Zahra at her place. Here is what happens:
  • SCENE 4:
  • Let's cont...He was 37 years old when he became the imam. He reminded the muslims to hold on to the Quran and the advice of Rasulallah (saww)
  • As Zahra is not a very much practicing Muslim, so Aamina tells her about our 2nd holy imam!What do you know about him?
  • SCENE 5:
  • Yes exectly! You are right!
  • So you mean he was the enemy of islam and was he the one who even bribed Imam's wife Jod'a to poison Imam and kill him
  • Aamina's mum comes to her room to call the girls to cut the cake for Imam's b'day and eat something...
  • SCENE 6:
  • Sadly, Imam passed away on 28th of Saffar 50Ah.He thought us Generosity, calmness, kindness, patience and much more!
  • It's the following week a sunny Monday morning recess break at school and the 2 friends continue their conversation as it's Ramadhan so no eating!
  • Ahan!!I remember hearing about him from my aunty, and someone called Muawiyyah? who was he?
  • Zahra interestingly listens as Aamina tells her more about Imam Hassan (a.s)(You may read more about imam in your madrasah manual pg 54-63)
  • Muawiyyah was the ruler of Syria and was always fighting I.Ali (a.s) and causing problems for him. H e continued that at the time of Imam Hassan (a.s).
  • Zahra is very thankful to her friend fopr sharing such good information with her and sha said she would do more research about him and Aamina promised to later on share with her more stories from Imam's life as it was time to get back to class.
  • Thankyou Aamina!You really increased my knowledge by sharing so much about this holy personality! Im sure to follow what we learn from him!
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