Mateo Language
Updated: 2/7/2021
Mateo Language

Storyboard Text

  • The Wait
  • The Aleuts
  • Chiefs Death
  • The villagers spotted a ship with people on it. They were the Aleuts coming to trade. The people were sacred of them.
  • Ramos Death
  • They came to the island with their dogs and people . They wanted to kill otters. If they did the people got jewelry in return.
  • The Revenge
  • The Aleuts were killing a lot more otters so the chief did not like that and they had an argument. The Aleuts got mad a killed the chief .
  • The White Man
  • After the death of the chief they left the island but forgot Ramo which is Karanas bother so Karana went back. But the wild dogs killed Ramo . Karana was stuck on the island by her self.
  • Karana wanted revenge on the dogs. She hit one with her bow but it didn't kill the dog. The dog woke up and was friendly. Karana was really scared. In a couple weeks they became friends best friends. She named the dog Ramtu.
  • Two years after Ramtu died and a earthquake and a tsunami happens. The white men come and rescue her from the island and back to her village.