Prometheus Story Board
Updated: 2/14/2020
Prometheus Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • The Olympians Fight the Titans
  • I fear that I only have helped one tyrant replace another
  • The Olympians Rebel Against Zues
  • ¨...But you are also a tyrant! The Olympians are quietly judging you, and, if you continue to be unjust, they will unite and revolt against you
  • A Son is Born Who Will Overthrow Zues
  • Unless I choose to help you by revealing the identity of this goddess, this son of yours will seize your throne
  • The unjust and cruel rule of the Titans is what led to their downfall. Prometheus, son of the Titans Themis and Iapetus, aided the Olympians in overthrowing the Titans. This represents how Tyranny will inspire rebellion.
  • Prometheus, the Titan of foresight, warns Zeus that if he keeps acting as a tyrant than the other Olympians will attempt to overthrow him. This eventually becomes true, and is almost successful.
  • Prometheus, the Titan of foresight, warns Zeus of a son that he shall father that will one day overcome his Tyrannic father.