the switch
Updated: 3/18/2020
the switch

Storyboard Text

  • WOW! what happened to me?!
  • ok, i get it know... that ad was really sexist and after what i just lived i find it unacceptable
  • [...]With this new shampoo, girls get ready to be pretty[...]
  • Omg, did i just turn into a hot girl ? Nice !
  • Jack is propulsed back in reality, and start wondering
  • after that kind of experience, Jack and kevin discuss about ad's effect on their vision
  • Trust me, this new washing machine will erase any marking, even on kids clothes. It's revolutionary !
  • Not really knowing what was going on, Jack started to tell himself that being a girl wasn't bad, that he would enjoy the experience.
  • Kevin changed the channel and then Jack appeared on a new ad.
  • Without any control on the situation, he starts making an advertising about a product.
  • and again, without controlling anything, jack is now carwashing in a bikini, while people cheering and whistling, Jack start to feel uncomfortable