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"First of the Untitled"
Updated: 6/11/2019
"First of the Untitled"
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  • Lisa tells Leonardo she will buy his painting. Leonardo agrees to this. Lisa gives Leonardo the money for the painting.
  • Leonardo, we wouldst loveth to purchaseth thy painting. Tis quite quaint.
  • Very much? Sure.
  • Thanketh thee for letting me stayeth and buying my painting. Twill holp me payeth for food and for my home. This very much, means a lot. I gage to repay thee one day. But, before I go-I never signed the painting or named it. I seeth you-Lisa and Mona-wanted this painting badly and so, this painting shall be named "Mona Lisa". Anon, my signature. Done! Goodbye, everyone! I'll beest backeth, worry not!
  • Farewell. 
  • Leonardo thanks the family and promises to repay them and come back, soon. He also, signs the painting and names it "Mona Lisa" after, Lisa and Mona because they loved the painting the most.
  • And Mona slept well at night knowing that she had her favorite piece of artwork to protect her. The end.
  • Olympia and Leonardo arrive at Olympia's house, where Caterina has bought the bread they were supposed to get. Mona is pleased Olympia's back but, her parents are mad and were scared that she would not return. Her parents also, question why Leonardo is in their home. 
  • Good morrow! 
  • Olympia! Where we're thee? Wherefore didst thee abandon Caterina? Who this sir? 
  • The family goes to a more private room. Leonardo explains Olympia helped him with his portrait but, it wasn't wanted. He says he has no money and Olympia invited him for dinner. Olympia's parents, Mona and Caterina understand. They enjoy dinner.
  • Olympia holp meeth painteth and designeth my portrait but, my client hated it and anon, paid meeth nay wage so, the lady did invite me to dinner.
  • Lisa, Olympia, Caterina and Mona's mother, begs her husband, Domenico, if they can buy the painting Leonardo made. Mona begs her father for the painting, too. Domenico agrees and they are going to buy the painting.
  • Prithee, father. I loveth yond painting. I cannot keepeth myself awaketh at night if it was true I doth not have this painting on my mure wall.
  • I loveth yond painting, Domenico. We must buyeth it. The poor sir needeth some wage. Prithee. Also, Mona likes the painting. We wanteth our children to have everything and more remember. So, we'll buyeth it! Well enow?
  • Fine, Lisa.
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