Updated: 3/6/2020

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  • The setting: Roanoke, 1690
  • Only one religion!
  • The setting: Massachusetts Bay Colony (Salem), 1692
  • Who were the Puritans?
  • In England the Puritans are persectuted for their religous beliefs.
  • Witch trials.
  • You shall be hanged! And you shall take a witch test!
  • What is a witch test? I hope that they don´t think I´m a witch...
  • Hanging.
  • The King offers land to the Puritans for them to have freedom for their own religions, or they can be imprisoned. They move to the New World--Masachusetts Bay Colony
  • The Puritans are very srict christians that came to the New World to escape from religous persecution. They work hard an pray daily. They built churches and where they setted, they had freedom of religion.
  • Witch tests
  • Help!
  • No!!!
  • Some people are judged guilty after being accused for being a witch. Others will need to be tested to see if they are and actual witch.
  • But I´m not a witch!! *crys*
  • About 20 women were accused of being witches. More than half of them were judged guilty and for their execution, they were told that would be hanged.
  • Others that were accused were to be tested to see f they were a witch. Your hands and feet were connected and you are in water. If you sank, you were innocent. If you stay, you are. Some people weren ´t brought up from the water in time!
  • Witch!!!
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