Updated: 2/24/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I'm in front of the granier high school, my name is matis and I come to you to tell you about the global warming
  • Here we can see that this place and abandoned and we find waste on the ground.
  • People build construction sites but they use raw materials like oil, wood and machines that pollute the earth.
  • I think everyone will start to get into the business when we are running out of oil and water.
  • In some places, temperatures have risen abnormally.
  • It's cold, but not for long if we don't act.
  • Some scientists say that melting ice is an iminent one.
  • Here there is deforestation present, people destroy the habita of animals and trees allow us to live because they are the ones who produce oxygen.
  • And here the trip is over, I hope you liked it just like my speech but everything I said I thought it was really
  • I hope everyone can do something to save the planet.
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