Matthew Spofford "The Body Exam"
Updated: 5/18/2020
Matthew Spofford "The Body Exam"

Storyboard Text

  • O SNAP!!
  • Im Scared I don't wanna Fall off.
  • Cough Cough.
  • As the gang is walking on the train tracks across a long bridge with only one way off Gordie screams “TRAINNN!!!!!”as he hears and sees the smoke barreling out of the top of the train in the distance.
  • They all start running and Vern gets scared and keeps falling down. _Teddy and Chris make it off the bridge safely as they could only help but watch Gordie and Vern Inches away from the train.
  • As the train gets closer and closer Gordie finally grabs Vern and jumps off to the side as the train flies by.They roll down the hill. Finally they made it off alive as they cough up dirt and brush themselves off.