The Legend of lake Tuba
Updated: 2/23/2021
The Legend of lake Tuba

Storyboard Text

  • I beg you, please set me free.
  • Yes, I will not tell anybody about our secret.
  • I want to marry you and please keep our secret that I had been a fish before.
  • There was a handsome man, his name was Batara Guru Sahala. He like fishing, one day he caught a fish. He was surprised to find out that the fish could talk.
  • As soon the fish was free, the fish changed into a beautiful woman. She attracted Batara Guru so much, and he felt in love with that fish woman. The woman wanted to marry him. They agrees to keep the secret between them.
  • They were married happily.
  • Why you are not listening to my story?!
  • They had two daughters.
  • Batara Guru tell the story about the fish. His daughter listen to him, attentively.
  • One day, the mother tells her daughter another story about the man. But the daughters did not listen to her story. The mother was upset and feel disappointed to her daughters. And the mother shouted angrily.