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Updated: 9/3/2020
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  • Disguise
  • John Bengan
  • OH MY GOODNESS! Mayor why are you acting as a taxi driver!
  • Well you see lately a thief has been mugging taxi drivers, I will bring him to justice myself.
  • That's me btw -->
  • The lady seems quite shocked to see the mayor undercover, on the other hand he seems unfazed
  • Thank you Mayor, you work very hard to keep our city safe, I can't believe there are people saying you make death squads.
  • He seems to like the reputation given to him despite some of it being untrue
  • That's alright dear. Goodbye
  • I worked for a very long time cleaning up crime from the streets, if it keeps crime from happening I welcome the rumors.
  • At the streets
  • At a local canteen that sells Batchoy
  • One bowl of Batchoy for me! You know what, My Treat! Batchoy for Everyone!
  • You two! I'd like to talk.
  • YAaAaAAaY!!!!!!
  • Mayor!
  • Some people seem to like the idea of him running for president, he acts like he doesn't want to. he is friendly to the places patrons.
  • Also Sir i would like to buy all of your Balut.
  • Oh I don"t know
  • You know mayor you should run for president!
  • EhHhHH?!
  • Insert Batchoy eating sounds here
  • TBH this was pretty funny when I made it
  • YUM
  • YUM
  • I was not raised in a rich family, I have suffered as the people have and understand their sufferings. I may have been ruthless but crime must be punished.
  • He seems to be in thought about the things he's done over the years, he seems proud of himself. He notices a man by the road
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