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Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Did you know juuling is good for you! I do it because it calms me down, and at school the teachers can't see me juuling!
  • You know juuling is actually worse for you than even smoking! The nicotine makes you addicted and your body thinks you're calming down, but it's just your brain tricking you.
  • My teacher didn't even notice me hitting my juul!
  • Really? I want one! Where did you get yours?
  • I got my juul at 7/11! You should come with me after school and get one too!
  • I don't think juuls are good for you. You shouldn't put bad chemicals into your body. It can cause many types of cancer.
  • Sure! Let's ask someone where we can get one!
  • Did you see those kids juuling in class? The teacher didn't even see them. Should we try that?
  • You're not cool if you juul!