Lovin the way

Updated: 8/18/2021
Lovin the way

Storyboard Text

  • #Intro 0:19
  • #Memory 1 Basketball 0:39
  • #Memory 2 Pool table 1:19
  • Me laying down in green grass reminiscing about the 'main girl' and what we did together (NOTE: EVERY OTHER SCENE IS A MEMORY SO EVERY MEMORY WILL COME BACK TO THIS PRESENT SCENE) Also I have a basketball in my hand I throw it up in the air and it switches to the next scene
  • #Car scene 1:39
  • My friends and I are playing a game of BBALL and while I'm playing I see  the 'main girl' talking with her friends and then we make contact with each other my friends ee this happening and decides to stop the game and tells me to go and talk to her I refuse but he pushes me to go up and talk. I'm shy at first but I shake it off and we start to have a good conversation.
  • #Party scene 1:59
  • Me and the 'main girl' paying pool together we just play around and have fun playing pool to transition to the next scene I can hit the ball then it transitions to the wheel of the car
  • # All scenes combined 2:19
  • There's a party happening and were in the car going to the party car doesn't really need to be moving just as long were in the car is all we need and also when we get there a scene of the car pulling up and us getting out of the car like celebrities coming out of the car and there out and there paparazzi like that just without the paparazzi
  • Have a nice slow-mo of everyone partying and having a good time also some shots of me and the girl dancing in with the crowd.
  • All of the scenes are combined example: In one scene I might be in the car then the next minute I'm in the courts cause like before everything is just a memory and so every scene is going back and forth except when it hits 2:38 it will be an ending scene where I say goodbye to the girl and she hops in her car see a voicemail message and it's me saying the last line Yeah baby I'm lovin the way