hunger games
Updated: 10/19/2020
hunger games

Storyboard Text

  • Setting
  • Main Characters
  • Important scene
  • The setting of the story starts in district 12 where the two main characters were from and their families.
  • Important scene
  • The main characters are Katniss and Peeta who grew up in district 12 and will be drafted into the 74th hunger games
  • Conflict
  • This scene is important because after the announcers say that there can be two victors Katniss searches for Peeta and finds him camouflaged by the river containing serious injuries
  • Cliff hanger
  • After the Game makers double-crossed them by overriding the 2 victor rule to only 1 victor, They decided they were going to kill themselves than have a victor but before they do they stop them and they are announced to have won the games.
  • I wrather kill myself than satisfy them with a victor. they don't need one.
  • Ok then lets do it, on 3
  • The Capitol sends a group of 24 children, 2 from each district of the 12 districts to fight to the death and kill each other until 1 remain
  • Katniss and Peeta who have made the capital angry and furious for what they have done making them look foolish now have a target on their back and is keeping a close on them and their families.