Updated: 4/7/2021

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  • How about while we eat I teach you about where the food we eat is coming from and how, sounds fun?
  • Hey Joe, wanna get some Chinese? 
  • Do I even have to answer that? Let's go!
  • Oh great....umm I guess...
  • This waiter sucks... but while we wait on our rice, do you know how it's grown? Rice Terrace, which is also sustenance, is grown in Asia. The two biggest producers are China and India. It is grown in both LDC's and MDC's but mainly LDC's for cheap labor. This may be obvious but rice terraces produce... rice. Isn't this so fun? Anyway, are we going to get our food, we've been waiting forever! All this food talk has me hungry!
  • Okay? Don't care
  • Still. Don't. Care.
  • This waiter sucks... anyway while we wait on our rice, since you know how its grown I'll just drop some knowledge while we wait on our food. To produce rice you need land, labor, and a nearby water source. It is produced because it is a staple crop that is affordable, universally accessible, and high in carbs. Theres many upsides, along with what I've already said It can be grown on land not suitable for other crops, conserves soil and water, and most importantly allows for massive crop yield. Now with that being said, if not well managed it can cause mudslides and problems to the surrounding environment and it can strip soil of its nutrients.
  • We're out of rice.