The catcher in the Rye
Updated: 4/29/2020
The catcher in the Rye

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  • It was pretty early when I got there. I sat down at the bar--it was pretty crowded--and had a couple of Scotch and sodas before old Luce even showed up. I stood up when Iordered them so they could see how tall I was and all and not think I was a goddamminor.
  • Not so loud, for God's sake, Caulfield.
  • The other end of the bar was full of flits. They weren't too flitty-looking--I mean theydidn't have their hair too long or anything--but you could tell they were flits anyway. Finally old Luce showed up.
  • Have just one more drink,
  • I have to go
  • Old Luce. What a guy. He was supposed to be my Student Adviser when I was atWhooton. The only thing he ever did, though, was give these sex talks and all, late atnight when there was a bunch of guys in his room.
  • "Not so loud, for God's sake, Caulfield. If you can't manage to keep your voicedown, let's drop the whole--" "All right, but listen," I said. I was getting excited and I was talking a little tooloud. Sometimes I talk a little loud when I get excited.
  • "Well. Take it easy," he said. He was leaving his tip and all and he was starting togo. "Have just one more drink," I told him. "Please. I'm lonesome as hell. Nokidding." He said he couldn't do it, though. He said he was late now, and then he left.
  • Old Luce. He was strictly a pain in the ass, but he certainly had a goodvocabulary. He had the largest vocabulary of any boy at Whooton when I was there. Theygave us a test.