Karen Smith Story Board

Updated: 7/29/2020
Karen Smith Story Board

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  • Awesome I just left for work it's 7:30am so I will be early today! I hope to have a productive day!
  • Glad the bus is here on time. I will be able to catch up on the news and emails on my phone
  • Just got to work - I hope I have a productive day, I need to meet and catch up with clients
  • Happy finishing my first client meeting of the day
  • I'm glad you're my lawyer Karen. I am thrilled you won that lawsuit!
  • I hate it when IT updates our software without telling me. I can't figure this out I am going to loose an hour trying to figure it out!
  • Happy IT showed me how to use the new software. It works great now, but still isn't the easiest to use!!!