Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • hey dad can I ask you a quastoin
  • yes what is it
  • why do we give almost 80 to 90 of are crops food and live stock to are vassals
  • we give it to are vassals so we will offer protection and so he can pay his own taxes
  • so who
  • and who does he pay
  • the church and he pledges allegiance to the king
  • what land
  • oh why does he pledge allegiance to the king
  • the land WE peasants work on
  • so he can keep his land
  • but what about the other king he pledged to what the bolth figh each other are king and theres
  • will son theirs a leg lord
  • whats that
  • will the nobles are not dumb so the one really special king the vassals pledges alliance to so if the other kings got in a fight with one or an other the league king will be the one supported by thwe vessals