International response to Japanese aggression
Updated: 9/23/2018
International response to Japanese aggression
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  • Japan conquering Manchuria after the Mukden Incident is their main form of aggresion and what starts illiciting responses from around the globe.
  • China does not attack the Japanese and lets them take Manchuria because their leader was more concerned with the communists in their country. China goes to the League of Nations for help.
  • The League does not take strong action because Britian related to Japan and saw them as a power to be nice to. The League was also concerned with communism in China and the Soviet Union so they wanted a strong imperial power to be in the area to prevent the expansion of communism.
  • The League's reponse is the Lytton commision. This includes a French, German, American, Italian, and British representative. The comission does not do much it just confirms that Japan attacked China and that Japan should stop. However the year long commission gave Japan time to fully conquer Manchuria.
  • The Marco Polo Bridge incident begins another war with Japan. Japan could not sustain the war for long because of lack reasources and the global depression. This situation ellicits further reactions from the USA and abroad.
  • At first the USA was hesitant to react to Japanese agression, Roosevelt gave some financial aid to China but did not respond politically. Isolationism was practiced and reperations were made when Japan sank the Panay, a US ship. Trade between the two countries continued and this helped both of them.
  • In 1939 a moral embargo is placed on Japan which results in a lack or reasources for Japan. The US and others freezing the Japanese assets results in Japan attacking colonies to gain reasources and eventually attacking Pearl Habor to remove the threat of the american Pacific fleet. This causes the US entry into the war resulting in World War 2.
  • After 1938 Roosevelt and his policies toward Japan became more aggresive. He loans China money to support them. The Tripartite Act becomes a statement of Japan against the US.
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