The Selective Shadow
Updated: 4/29/2020
The Selective Shadow

Storyboard Text

  • Diana lies dead on the floor, Eric comes into the room, shocked and suprised.
  • ERIC: “Honey, Honey, I’m home”!
  • Emotion grips Eric but he gets ahold of himself and checks Diana's pulse. Just as he lifts her arm, he hears a noise in the darkness, in the corner of the room
  • ERIC: "Show yourself"
  • The Shadow reveals himself and informs Eric that he knows why they are here. Eric then offers the shadow a drink, after declining, Eric asks the shadow how they know each-other.
  • ERIC: “So, how do you know me then? Was it the papers, rumors, the news?”
  • The Shadow: “The file will tell you how I know you”
  • The shadow then commards Eric to look at the file on the table. Eric heeds the shadow's advice and opens the folder, He finds a picture of flowers which the shadow then requests that he turn the page over.
  • ERIC: "These are Flowers?"
  • Eric then turns the page over and is shocked by the discovery, He sees a nerf gun and a picture of the Shadow's father, whom Eric killed 10 years ago. This revelation shocks him to the core. Reminding him of all his past deeds.
  • ERIC: “It was a mistake, a misfire, an accident, I swear, pleasedon’t do this!”
  • The Shadow “Why did you kill him, Eric?” hm, was it money?, revenge,?”
  • Eric continues to beg for The Shadow to spare him but it's to no avial as a shot rings out from the shadow's gun. Killing Eric instantly, his deed of revenge finshed. The shadow walks out of the room as silently as he came in.
  • THE SHADOW: “That kind of apology, just won’t do, weak sister!”
  • ERIC: "No please don't"
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