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The Land Of Blue and Snow
Updated: 9/11/2020
The Land Of Blue and Snow
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  • The story starts with The Land Of Blue and Snow. There, only good creatures lived, though you may not find them good, however, they were kindhearted souls. Ghosts and vampires and witches floated and walked around. The ghosts guarded and the female vampires were maids, but very fierce maids.
  • The leader of this amazing palace was Queen Erica, or just Erica, as she was friendly, and hated too much formality. She was friends with her personal servants, a ghost and vampire. She had one pet, a hummingbird. And a sister. Rila. They were best friends, and though Rila was three years younger than Erica, they both valued their unbreakable friendship!
  • They lived peacefully, until one day, strange people attacked. They were evil. You will hear there story in a little. The day they attacked, it was snowing, and beautiful, just like always. But they poured poison into the water. If Erica had not noticed that the water was a strange shade of pink, they all would've died.
  • Erica invited Rila to come and discuss what to do. The two sisters sat down to talk about what had happened. Rila thought that they should fight back, for she was angry at those who'd ruined their lives. But Erica shook her head and said that they would not sink to their enemies level. Rila imagined herself punching them in the face, then nodded and agreed. They both looked to the map above the fireplace, and saw where the defenses would need to be put.
  • Erica sat down in her personal library, and hoped that she could find something in there that could help, but found nothing, She and her servants had read every book in the castle, but still, found nothing. She only shared her despair with her personal servants, not even with her sister, for fear of scaring her.
  • Finally, Erica used her last resort. She went to visit the witch, who was kind and friendly, but was still a dangerous witch. She brought her only handmaid with her.The witch had lots of guards, and lived behind the castle, but none of the guards could harm Erica. TO BE CONTINUED...
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