Sammy III
Updated: 5/9/2020
Sammy III
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  • On the bus, he walked right up to Miles the macaw and sat next to him. "Hey Sammy, wanna play rock, paper, scissors?" Miles the macaw asked. "That sounds awesome!" Sammy replied.
  • That night, as they ate mushroom pie, Sammy told his mom about his day. He told her he was sad because he was the only snail. He also told her he was scared to play soccer.
  • "Try to be brave" Sammy's mom said. While he brushed his teeth, Sammy tried to think of how to follow his mom's advice.
  • The next morning, as he grabbed his lunch, Sammy realized the bravest animal he knew was Supersnail. Sammy decided he would be as brave as Supersnail the whole day.
  • They played the whole bus ride. Then, when they got to school, Miles the macaw asked Sammy if he wanted to be seat partners everyday. "Of course!" Sammy grinned.
  • In class, Sammy waited for his next chance to show how brave he was. Finally, at recess, Sammy took a deep breath and walked up to the soccer field. "Sammy, can you be on our team?" Charlie the chipmunk asked. "Sure!" Sammy exclaimed.
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