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Updated: 1/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • we must make this right
  • People who lived in the Plymouth colony were founded by the separatists. The Separatists wanted religious freedom. They rode the Mayflower Compact they also were helped by local Native Americans.
  • The group of English Puritans are important people. The Puritans made the colony of Massachusetts Bay in 1630. They hoped to make changes to the Church of England. The Puritans had left England because they didn't agree with the Church of England
  • The 2 Important people of Rhode Island were Minister Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. American Indians sold land to Williams and he created a settlement named Providence. Anne Hutchinson also spoke out against Puritan ministers.
  • Thomas hooker wanted freedom from religion. Thomas hooker was the founder of Connecticut. In 1636 they form the Colony Connecticut.
  • The Puritan ways made others to look for relief. Some traveled north of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In 1623 David Thomson started a settlement in the northern area. In 1630 the settlement was shipping lumber to England.
  • Settlers set fire to homes and as people ran from the fires, they were killed. Massasoit was the leader of the Wampanoag and he had secured peace with the pilgrims and other English colonists. When more people came they started to fight over land. When Metacomet died the war ended.