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Updated: 11/25/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Can we please go the the earths crust first? because that's where we live
  • Hey!!! after school today we should explore the earth
  • Yes we can then the mantle then the outer core then the inner core!!
  • your crazy my favorite is the outer crust and inner crust
  • my favorite part is seeing the crust and the mantle
  • wow the space ship is awesome!!! I can't wait
  • i love this i am so glad i got too see this!!!
  • I know right! The core is awesome
  • wow we are so small compared to the Earth
  • The crust is the outside of the earth! we live on the crust.
  • What is the crust?
  • Okay lets go visit the crust!
  • same with the core because the core is filled with very hot liquid
  • well we can't visit the mantle because it's too hot!!
  • now that we have visited the crust...
  • well i guess we have too go back home ;(
  • yup we can't visit the mantle or the core!
  • wow really?!?! i never new that! so we can...