the story of the kind maiden
Updated: 4/1/2021
the story of  the kind maiden

Storyboard Text

  • Get out of my calstle
  • oh, hello.
  • once upon a time there was an evil queen who was crule and mean to all in the land.
  • hi prince adam
  • hi?
  • but there was also a kind maiden who was kind to evreyone!
  • hello do you want to get married you are a hard worker
  • who me, of course
  • the kind maiden was actually the evil queen's servent she had to clean and cook, but her heart was still pure.
  • one day the evil queen had hosted a ball and invited all the kingdoms especily the kingdom with prince adom.
  • he saw the maiden working hard and felt bad that she was doing all the work , so he asked if the wanted to get married and she said yes!
  • so they threw a big wedding the evil queen was alone and had to clean by herself and they lived happilly ever after. THE END